Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cook Turns Farmer

This flowering kale is one of the reasons I could never go back to a small town. The grocery store in my home town doesn't even carry cilantro! There is so much available here, I didn't even know kale could be purple or white, I wonder how many other colors there are to be yet discovered. Some little farmer that grows unique produce for the joy of it, not the money they could be making by mass producing mainstream crops, won my heart when I found this at the market. I made my refreshing kale salad with it and found it had a pleasant floral flavor. After I blanched it some of the leaves turned bright blue--who knew a food could naturally be that color?

There is something so satisfying to me to grow my own food. I looked all over for kale seeds this year. I guess those have to be mail ordered. 2002 was the last time I grew a productive garden, since then my gardening attempts have been disappointing. I have the hardest time with squirrels. My plants will grow beautifully until the actual vegetables start to grow--then they are destroyed. They like my broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach and lettuce. Tried blood meal, having the boys pee around it, chicken wire and now netting. I don't know how they get in. I went to a gardening seminar this spring, hoping to get some new solutions. Though they had a lot of really good information, none about pests devouring whole plants. I do think their fertilizer is working though. These are pictures of the same zuchinne plant 13 days ago and today.


  1. I love growing my own food too! And my zucchini have grown leaps and bounds the past two weeks as well. My green beans are struggling this year, although I am not sure why. I have never had an issue with squirrels.

  2. I had severe problems with birds and rabbits. I will not do another garden until I can make a totally enclosed garden ( like the Luth's have for thier chickens.) Home Depot might be able to make some suggestions. There is a repellant that I got at Home Depot to protect my plants from the rabbits that seemed to help alot. (I still had plants...instead of stumps :) ) I do not know it it can or should be used on vegetables. I do not have the bottle anymore, but you could read the ingredients at the store.. I loved growing a garden, but hated the birds and varmins. -Cindy

  3. I have trouble with all animals. I live on an acre and there are plenty of rabbits and squirels. I have enclosed my garden and they still find ways in. You have to put your chicen wire or wire with smaller opening below your dirt line and up over the side. The squirels may be climbing down your fence. So you may need to cover over the top. Good luck.


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