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Kara is an inspiration!  Through her classes I learned to mandolin vegetables, pressure grains, and yes even bake bread.  She introduced me to cooking techniques that I use every single week if not every single meal.  Because of Kara's easy to approach method, I cook from scratch every day.  It keeps my wallet fat, my waistline slim, and my doctor distant. And it all tastes fantastic! 

I have been following Kara's blog for about a year, and have tried dozens of her recipes.  I can definitely say that it is the one place I go for a consistently good recipe- I am always blown away by how great everything turns out!  Her classes have been an even better resource than the blog itself, as she provides hands-on experience with the methods she uses.  This has been incredibly helpful to me, as someone new to cooking traditional/slow foods.  She is extremely patient with questions and I feel that I can always trust her knowledge on the topics addressed in the classes.  She provides handouts with information which includes adequate research and background information on each topic, which I really like.  The handouts are also nice in case I forget something once I get home.  I would HIGHLY recommend Kara's classes to people at all levels of cooking.  I always walk away feeling very inspired to make changes in my family's eating habits, and with the skills necessary to do so!!  Thank you Kara!

I have attended several of Kara's classes and have enjoyed every one.  I have been impressed at how she is able to pack so much information into one hour and I always leave each class determined to improve my cooking and implement some of the tips she has taught.  I also enjoy the delicious samples she often provides as part of the class.

Although I have several health concerns, I seem to be making headway on at least one front. For years I've heard that eating oatmeal would lower cholesterol and ultimately lower blood pressure, I've not had that experience, until now. For the past 5 years or so, I have eaten meusli for breakfast, and I have actually put together my own, using rolled oats, etc. It has never seemed to have any effect on my high blood pressure. Well, I had a visit with the doctor yesterday, and my blood pressure was NORMAL! I have been out of my meds since December so have not taken anything. For the past month or so, I have been eating steel cut oats. I wonder if that is what is making the difference. I fully expected my blood pressure to be high, and it was so normal! I was thrilled. Thanks for all of your information. I believe that you are part of my journey. I have terrible genetics, and they are truly being manifest in me. But I also have impressions that my body will be able to live a long time, in spite of my inheritance. But with these opposing factors, I am simply trying to do the best that I can, and this year has led me to many new ideas, and you have been a huge part of my learning. I thank you.

Going into these classes I would have never imagined that I too, can bring such health to my family. I noticed at the start of the classes that I was the most inexperienced in the "whole foods". I am very glad I didn't let that intimidate me!! I couldn't imagine spending so much time in my kitchen ( and enjoying it!) and not going to fast food restaurants! I have to admit I still drink my Diet Coke's, but I have cut back, not even realizing that I was. I just don't crave them like I used to. I've compiled a list of my thoughts from the last 5 weeks-

Things I have learned @ Kara Bagley's Cooking Classes

*She really knows her stuff
*She's not coo-coo. (sorry Kara, but it used to seem so extreme to me .) She just has her sites set on the best health for her family.
*She's right-if you make healthy eating a priority-it can happen for you.
*It takes 3 days for my 4 and 6 yr old to detox from sugar. They were completely out of control! They were like wild, crazy, laughing monkey's!!!!
*My pickiest eater is the one that is the most helpful transforming my family's favorite dishes. He hasn't accepted all of it, but he sure does like the way the whole foods fill him up and stay with him longer (his own observation!)
*I'm sick when I think of commercial meat!
*I've been able to quit one of my medications because I'm not as bogged down and so tired from all the heavy foods-Yeah!!
*I am very grateful for Kara and the knowledge that she has shared with me! I know my questions are so basic compared to where she is at-Thank you for not EVER making me feel stupid for asking all those questions!

And finally...

*Can't wait for more info!!!

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