Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grow Your Own

Oranges take almost a full year from blossom to fruit. That is a long time to wait for the most delicious of foods.  I love the smell this time of year, mmmm.

I am antsy for my garden to groW.  This season is bound to be a good one, I got my soil tested and the proper fertilizers added, the rain has been perfect and the squirrel is DEAD!  The plants grow every day, and I would know because I can’t help but to walk up and down every isle, pick every weed and prune every dead leaf - EVERY day - even today when it was raining. When I eat, I think about my garden, when I sleep, I dream about my garden, when I pray, I ask a blessing on my garden, when I am away, I miss my garden.  What is wrong with me?  Does anyone else have these disturbingly strong feelings towards watching a plant grow from
this to that?
I am trying to do my tomatoes vertical this year, using the Mittleidier Method.  They (25 plants!) are planted very close (10 inches) so I will have to be a diligent pruner.
My potatoes are getting close, here is one peeking though.  I didn't have very rich soil when I planted them, so they are taking longer than they should...soon.
After being attacked over and over again by the blasted squirrel, my kale has resurrected.  I will harvest it all soon as it is starting to battle the heat now.
We transplanted some blackberry starts this winter, the kids are really hoping to enjoy those this summer.
There is much more, if you want to hear it.  I'm just not sure how much insanity you can handle in one post.

One thing is for sure, commercially grown food is not getting this kind of love.  Chemical fertilizers that are lacking in micro-nutrients, pesticides and being crammed into crates for a long road trip--not the same result.  I am getting pumped up for my slow food class this Saturday, where we will be discussing why, where and how to go about slow food.  Join us if you care.

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  1. Glad I am not the only one crazy about her garden. When I close my eyes at night, I always see my garden. Weird. Let me know how the vertical tomatoes go. I haven't done that before. Did you get the blackberry plants from Pine? We have them everywhere at the cabin and I have always wanted to bring some home.What else do you have growing this season? Also, where did you get your soil tested?

  2. Oh, yes! I just want to see things grow. And I figure, if I'm going to put the time and effort into growing something, it might as well be food. What could be more beautiful than fruit and veg that you've grown yourself? Unforch, we're getting pounded with our second major snowstorm in a week. I spent the better part of my evening sloshing buckets of warm water into my hoop house to protect my just-sprouted seedlings! But if all goes well, I'll have radishes soon. So jealous of your green!

  3. You have soil in your YARD!? Wow! We don't. We have an inch of clay and then rock for miles. I have a bunch of plants started on my back patio in containers. Yes, I absolutely do get misty and antsy and curious, growing things is a passion of mine! And that we can take a seed and make a meal is just too...too...cool!!

  4. My MIL got the bushes from Pine years ago. We just dug up some of the shoots that came up around hers.

    I am growing a ton of different things right now. 4 varieties of tomatoes, 3 varieties of peppers, 3 varieties of squash, 2 varieties of cucumbers, leeks, green onions, yellow onions, carrots, russet and sweet potatoes, 8 herbs, garlic, broccoli, romaine, spinach, celery, green beans and cantaloupe, to name a few:)

    I have a neighbor who is testing it for me, what a blessing!

    We brought in composted tree mulch and manure to mix into our clay.

    So good to hear that gardening has the same effects on others! I appreciate the words of affirmation.

  5. I find it almost impossible not to check on the garden multiple times a day. We have about the same things you have Kara but have also added beets, okra and japanese eggplant. Didn't do leeks but probably still could right? Will be adding melons soon since hubby just got a new area ready...right next to the chicken coop and run he just built!

  6. I am growing the same things but I just harvested all my celery and brocolli. Have you ever grown that in the summer? Celery gets real bitter and I have never tried broccoli as a summer crop. Let me know how it goes.

  7. Ooh, maybe when I pull out my kale I can put in beets, I have never done those before. Leeks would be fine to start anytime. Yay for doing chickens, would love to have the space for that too.

    I have never done celery before, but when I talked to the lady at the nursery, she said they are very good about only carrying what grows well at the current time. They didn't have broccoli, so you are probably right about that. Mine is so mangled by the squirrel anyway, I might as well pull it out and start something else. I picked up some tomatillo seeds. How did those grow for you last year? Am I too late in planting them?

  8. I love my tomatillos. I would do plants though but they do grow like weeds. They will overtake your garden if you let them.. I would only do two plants. I do celery for my winter crop and they grow great but they are a little bitter. Still great in recipes though. I have tons of it in my fridge. I find that if I soak them in water for a while after I pick them they are a little less bitter.

  9. As I was washing out a milk jug this morning it occurred to me that I may not have shared a key my parents used for protecting young plants in their garden. Since they live in the fridgid north, they plant their seeds inside in yogurt cups and grow them to small plants in the window sills. Then when it is warm enough to plant them outside, they do so with the cover of a milk jug. The bottom is cut off and the remaining edge gets stuck in to the ground sometimes with a bit of soil around so it won't blow away. The jug protects the plant from critters, warms it in it's own greenhouse and when it's big enough it comes off cleanly with no broken limbs. Of course, you can pull off the jug and check whenever you want and stick it back on with no harm. Later my dad would save the good ones from year to year on an old broomstick or something of that sort.

    Happy Gardening!

  10. My dad used to do this on his tomatoes. Do you have to put the lids on for night time in case it freezes? Or are they protected enough by the plastic?

  11. only in arizona would you plant your veggies near a wall!! in oregon, that would mean your veggies would get little to no sun.

    awesome garden.
    i am jealous at how you can have fresh stuff most of the year.
    we only get from may to september.
    o well.

  12. I am a little worried about too much shade, so we will see.


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