Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow Food Teaser

Slow food is the opposite of fast food, you don’t eat it on the run, in your car or in front of the TV.  It doesn’t come in a box with cooking instructions, nutrition labels or health claims.  And it is certainly not “enriched,” enhanced with “natural favors” or “reduced fat.”  It is food that you build a relationship with and then enjoy to the max in the end because it is more than just fuel, it is nourishment.

In our house the word “homemade” is used with high regard.  My four year old calls anything from our garden “homemade” and recognizes it as high value food.  For New Years Day breakfast I made homemade doughnuts and the kids were beside themselves with excitement that such a food could be made in our home.  How often would you eat doughnuts if every time you had to make the dough, roll them out, cut them, rise them, fry them, toss them in sugar and clean up?  Doughnuts are special occasion food, not everyday fair that is popped out by a machine by the thousands every day.  Picture the conference room of people who nibble bites thoughtlessly while shuffling papers and jotting down notes from the mid morning meeting, there is no joy in that.

Give “homemade” the reverence it deserves, it is an honor to prepare a meal from food that is fresh, raised with pure intent in your own community.  It is appreciated far past the time the last bite is swallowed…when you don’t get the flu aren’t prescribed blood pressure medicine and when you won’t die a miserable death from cancer.


It's rude to eat and run. Humor me with conversation please!

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