Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be Inspired to Cook

The new year is in full swing and it is the perfect time to work towards your goals.  With that, I am kicking off my first six weeks of cooking classes.  They will be held at my home in East Mesa.  Contact me via email (karabagley(at)gmail(dot)com to register.  No pre-payment required.  No children please.

These classes are directed towards a broad audience as the recipes and instruction are adaptable to the variable levels of budgets, time and health.  They are also largely accommodating to those in attendance through discussion.  Come, have fun, eat good food and be inspired to cook.

Slow Food
Stepping away from fast, cheap, in a box, with a health claim.
Friday, January 22 from 11 to 12 pm
$10 per person

Meat’s role as a condiment.
Friday, January 29 from 11 to 12 pm
$10 per person

Soaking 101
How to make it happen in your kitchen.
Friday, February 5 from 11 to 12 pm
$10 per person

All About Greens
Learn how to dress all your leafy salads.
Friday, February 12 from 11 to 12 pm
$15 per person

Homemade Tortillas
Because nothing compares.
Friday, February 19 from 11 to 12 pm
$15 per person

Get Cultured
The basics of kefir, yogurt and sourdough.
Friday, February 26 from 11 to 12 pm
$15 per person

this post is part of Real Food Wednesday.


  1. What kind of tortillas are you going to make? Flour or corn?

  2. Flour -- half sprouted, half white flour and palm oil

  3. Soaking is a traditional method of grain, bean, nut and seed preparation that makes the nutritious more available and more digestible.

    The class will focus on adapting recipes, planning ahead and tips on making the process benefit you and your cooking style.

  4. Kara, I'm so sad! I so want to do the classes but Fridays are one of the days I still work! If you can ever do a Monday, Wed, or Sat class keep me posted!

  5. Jessica, I am bummed and will miss you at these. I will surely be doing classes on other days soon. I'll keep ya posted.

  6. Kara, I have a question about soaking. I have been doing this for about three months now...thanks to your inspiration:) but I was wondering, if you cook the soaked grains, aren't you cooking the nutrition right out of them? Maybe this is a silly question.

  7. No silly questions, this is an easy thing to be confused about with all the raw food movements becoming the next fad. Eating some foods raw is great, the enzymes and the heat sensitive vitamins...however, there are great benefits to cooking foods as well. Many nutrients are MORE available when cooked and digestion is more thorough, therefore absorption. Here is an interesting read on the subject

  8. Thanks so much:) There are so many opinions on this subject. I had been looking allot at raw, but every time I tried it I didn't feel so good. I don't eat very much meat and I feel pretty good about that. Being the Mother you just want to nourish your family inside and out, so it helps to get as much info as you can.
    Have a great night!

  9. I hear you there. It gets overwhelming with all the counter diction of information all over. Good luck to you.

  10. I don't know if I just missed this or what -- where are the classes being held?


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