Friday, March 19, 2010


Can’t get enough of this one.  It works well with so many combinations.  Last night was potatoes, beets and asparagus, beautiful. Go HERE for the recipe.

Gearing up to start classes again next week.  I love to be in the middle of so much excitement over good food.  I know that having the skills to put together healthful meals on a regular basis pays in big ways.  This is a place to feel the support of those of like-mind. There is still time to register, you won’t regret it.

I know how it gets when your family, friends, co workers and other acquaintances think you are entirely off your rocker.  It can get pretty harsh, I have been accused of brain washing my kids!  Spending extra time in the kitchen, spending more money on food, using unusual ingredients and preparing them in unusual ways, makes us different from the crowd.  Although there are still plenty of people around me that roll their eyes and think I am just nuts for doing what I do in the name of health, there are also those who have had a change of heart and thank me for my example.

You do it every day without realizing, when you decline the offer for a soda, bring sliced apples instead of fishy snacks for your kids at the park, when you make a healthy casserole for the potluck.  The more you just be you, the more opportunities you create for others to observe and make connections. 

Lastly, a testimonial sent in by Sonya, who has made huge changes in the last few months and has witnessed amazing results already.

Going into these classes I would have never imagined that I too, can bring such health to my family. I noticed at the start of the classes that I was the most inexperienced in the "whole foods".  I am very glad I didn't let that intimidate me!!  I couldn't imagine spending so much time in my kitchen ( and enjoying it!) and not going to fast food restaurants!    I have to admit I still drink my Diet Coke's, but I have cut back, not even realizing that I was.  I just don't crave them like I used to.  I've compiled a list of my thoughts from the last 5 weeks-
Things I have learned @ Kara Bagley's Cooking Classes
*She really knows her stuff
*She's not coo-coo. (sorry Kara, but it used to seem so extreme to me Embarrassed smiley emoticon.)  She just has her sites set on the best health for her family.
*She's right-if you make healthy eating a priority-it can happen for you.
*It takes 3 days for my 4 and 6 yr old to detox from sugar.  They were completely out of control!     They were like wild, crazy, laughing monkey's!!!!
*My pickiest eater is the one that is the most helpful transforming my family's favorite dishes.  He hasn't accepted all of it, but he sure does like the way the whole foods fill him up and stay with him longer (his own observation!)
*I'm sick when I think of commercial meat!
*I've been able to quit one of my medications because I'm not as bogged down and so tired from all the heavy foods-Yeah!!
*I am very grateful for Kara and the knowledge that she has shared with me!  I know my questions are so basic compared to where she is at-Thank you for not EVER making me feel stupid for asking all those questions! 
And finally...
*Can't wait for more info!!!
Sonya Goodfellow
(someone that USED to be glad that Filiberto's was so close-NOT anymore!)


  1. Haha. Well, I guess all teaching could be called brainwashing, if the observer had any bias (which we all do). Every time someone encourages one of the small children to go on a mission when they grow up or teaches them the BYU fight song, my mom always says "let the brainwashing begin!"

  2. You might point out that every time a child turns on a Nickelodeon TV show that they are being brainwashed. Half the commericals on those shows are for "whole grain" Trix and Coco Puffs or yogurt brands that contain more high-fructose corn syrup per serving than a handful of gummy worms. If you can successfully combat the marketing blitz and convince your kids that real food is better than food coloring, strange chemicals and cartoonish spokespersons than you are a rockstar in my book.

  3. So true! My SIL asked my 4 year old if he had any green food on St. Patrick's Day. Yep, asparagus! She said her kids wanted green pancakes and my son said he doesn't like green pancakes (I made them with pureed spinach one time and they did not go over well.)

    Thanks for the pep talks, I will be on top of my game next time!


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