Monday, September 7, 2009

Nourishing Pizza Dough

I have edited my favorite pizza dough recipe to include the soaking method for a more nourishing whole grain meal. No more work really, just some forethought to get it going the day before. The flavor is slightly more sour and the flavors have more depth.

To learn more about soaking, Lindsay has a great post on Passionate Homemaking of the how's and why's.


  1. That looks absolutely fantastic!!
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  2. Yay, thank you Kara. I ended up buying sprouted flour and have been using your recipe for our newly developed weekly pizza night. It always turns out delicious. The edited recipe will be good to have on hand once I run out of the flour (it is pretty expensive). I am wondering if you can use the same method with bread (soaking the already milled flour vs. sprouting the grains).

    On a somewhat similar you have a soaked granola or bar recipe that you can share? I love all your snack ideas but would like something involving grains that is a grab-and-go type snack. I have a yummy recipe and was planning on soaking and dehydrating the oats since I know they are especially high in phytic acid. I am wondering if I can do this and then follow the recipe as written, or if this totally changes the texture of the oats...any thoughts? Thanks!

  3. Hi again- after re-reading Lindsay's post I noticed my first question was already answered. Still, I'd be interested to find out if you have tried this, or if you are strictly sprouting now.

    As for my second question, I realize that most granolas are made using rolled oats which are not the best kind. The recipe I want to use involves nuts, dried fruits, etc. so I'm hoping it will still be a good alternative to a commercial "organic" snack...

  4. I save my sprouted flour for things that are impossible to soak like cookies, cakes and muffins, or for times that I didn't think ahead.

    I just made my first successful batch of soaked sandwich bread, I will edit the recipe when I get a chance.

    I am just about to make my second batch of soaked granola because my first one has been gobbled up. I soaked a variety of rolled grains and whole millet overnight. Then added soaked and dried nuts, raisins, coconut, coconut oil and honey and dehydrated it for 24 hours. It ended up being a bit sour, but was not noticeable with yogurt. It was nice and crunchy and the most nourishing breakfast food. Both my kids and I don't even think about lunch until after 1pm when we have had this for breakfast. Sadly my husband is still on frosted mini wheats.

  5. I love your granola. But the first time I ate any you saw the half filled container and asked where all "your granola" went. I got the hint.

  6. LOL. I didn't realize I was hinting, I thought you tried it once and didn't like it. Maybe we need therapy to work on our communication skills. Certainly, I would be happy for your body to get the same delightful nourishment as the rest of us. I will triple the batch next time just for you.

  7. Did you really order your sourdough starter online? I want to get one...

  8. I got mine long ago from Chef Brad, but Cultures for Health has the same one. I bought a yogurt starter from them last month and it is alive and well.

  9. Wow! The pizza dough looks so heavy and stuffed! I like those kinds of dough.


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