Thursday, April 15, 2010


Excitement is mounting. I am about to enjoy my first summer fruits. Looks like the grey squash will be the first harvest of the season, with green beans not far behind. Gardening is such a mix of pleasure and pain, I tell ya.

My latest nemesis are the aphids. They destroyed my potatoes. So I pulled them out and now have a bunch of bite-sized and two-bite-sized spuds that will be fun to roast with a little garlic oil and salt. They have layed eggs all over my kale, so I scrub each leaf individually, but am surely getting a little extra protein with my salads.
I am quite concerned with my green bean and tomato plants because the aphids are all over them. I have washed them off with soapy water a few times and it helps, but they come right back. I am thinking about buying a package of lady bugs, it is worth a try I suppose. They are very healthy plants for now, but I will be so sad if the aphids win. Any tips would be much appreciated.

I struck out with my carrots this year too. They are all a bunch of nubs despite the super loose dirt I have them in. I am hoping it was just because the soil was depleted and I can fix that next time.

And there is a new squirrel on the block. Even though he ate a lot of my lettuce, I still have a lot left, so I kept my cool about it. The problem is, now I have to get rid of it because it won’t be so cool when it happens again.
Hopefully next gardening post I will be taking pictures of full baskets of fresh picked produce.


  1. Why does there have to be opposition in all things? : /

    Darn bugs and varmits!

    Looks great though...

  2. I am having the same issues with the aphids and those little black flies on the tomato plants. Not really sure what to do besides what you are already doing. If you figure it out let us know because it's so frustrating to see the vegetables of your labor devoured by pests. Good luck!

  3. I talked with a farmer friend and he said that he hoses off the leaves every day. A lot of work, but I am sure even every few days helps. The biggest thing is to keep the sticky stuff they lay on the underside of the leaves at bay because that's what they lay their eggs in and kills the plant.

    The flies on top of the leaves are just gnats that are hanging out to keep cool and should not be harming the leaves.

  4. Lady bugs just fly away. Tried that a few times. I do wash down my leaves hen needed but it usually takes care of itself. The gnats are fine but the white flies are what kill ya! Haven't seen those this year yet. Your greens look great. I am a couple weeks behind you. I am still living off our snap peas and carrots.

  5. If you get lady bugs, wet them down so they dont fly away so fast. Also, do you plant marigolds amongst the garden? They are a natural pest deterrent

    Will miss your class tomorrow

  6. My farmer husband Matt says a 10% solution of Dr. Bronners (in water) works wonders. Spray every couple of days for a few weeks. It won't harm/burn the plant. Works for fruit and veggies.

  7. I tried planting marigolds one year when they came up I couldn't tell the difference between the flower and a weed so they all got weeded. I will try some starter plants. I wonder how many I would need.

    Dr. Bronners is the soap I used with lemongrass essential oil 3 times. It worked, but it takes a long time to spray off 50 plants times 30 leaves.

    I noticed the leaves that have a bunch of little yellow eggs under them are getting stiff and brittle. I sprayed them off again last night and found that my beefsteak tomatoes are finally setting on!

  8. Have you tried feeding with manure tea? It should make the soil, therefore the plants healthier and more resistant to attack.

  9. I haven't done manure tea, I have been using blood meal and bone meal and fish emulsion to keep things healthy. So far they are holding up. Everything but the roma tomatoes are looking really healthy and strong. Is manure tea pretty simple? My garden is 1/3 manure to begin with.

  10. I have a small garden and bought one packet of 2000 ladybugs. Sprayed the garden with water, let the bugs out at dusk when it's feeding time.

    I had tons of aphids, but the ladybird bugs did a number on them--drastically!
    They did fly away eventually, but I thought the 10.00 was totally worth it.

  11. Thanks Annabeth! My problem has evolved to lots of aphid eggs. Do lady bugs like those?


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