Monday, December 6, 2010

Whole Foods for the Holiday's

It is so hard to search out a good, nourishing recipe online these days.  So many people are using boxes and packets and cans of this and that.  When you type in “healthy” with your search, you get a slew of low fat, still processed ingredients.  The term is so broad these days and of coarse everyone has their own opinion.  Mine, being traditional, is not included in the general public “healthy.”

I have found the keyword “nourishing” to be helpful at times while searching for ideas.  There are a fine group of real food bloggers that are right on the money where my “healthy” opinion is concerned. Many of them have teamed up this holiday season to host, round robin style, a progressive dinner blog carnival called “Whole Foods for the Holidays.” This is such a fantastic resource that I will be coming back year after year.  The recipes come from real food bloggers like me and are divided by courses so that everything is easy to find.

I will be better about taking pictures of my favorite holiday recipes this year, so I have more to share when it comes time next year.  In the mean time, are there any great ways you have found to search for nutrient-dense, traditional dishes on the internet?

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