Monday, May 2, 2011

Real Food for Rookies

If you are a newbie at all this raw, local, pastured, fermented, nourishing, real food that I talk about here on Taste is Trump, then I am about to hook you up! Kelly the Kitchen Kop is relaunching her Real Food for Rookies Class and you will love it.  Taking this class will save you stress, agony and cash while you are transitioning your diet.  It will save you from wasting your money on organic milk and other foods that claim to be healthy, while pointing you down the right aisles to shop.  Kelly also does an amazing job at putting together research so that you get the best information, saves tons of time sifting through the internet.  Tried and true recipes, entertaining and all in the comfort of your own home, in your p.j.'s.  It is a beautiful thing.  $190 for 12 classes.  Check out her page.  If you act fast, meaning TODAY, she has a special promotional price of $145 and by using the coupon code "REALFOOD" (also expires at midnight) you save an additional $25.  Also, you can try winning this class by entering Cheeseslave's giveaway.
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  1. Thanks for posting at Monday Mania this week! So glad you are promoting Kelly's awesome class! :)


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