Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GAPS Meatzza

We miss our once-a-week pizza nights for sure and I am not even going to pretend that this makes up for it.  Yet, it is a meal we all look forward to, which is one big perk about the old pizza night.  Actually, we are making sourdough pizza for guests this month after Number One’s baptism and he asked if I could make meatzza too.  He also requested that his Sunday school teacher change their class reward from a pizza party to a meatzza party, so he is pretty well converted.

Meatzza is basically a pizza with a flat meatball in place of the crust and is the perfect example of how drastic the expense is when preparing grain free meals.  Grass fed organic beef runs around seven dollars per pound, while my sourdough crust is around 50 cents per pound.  Anyway, it will all be worth it one day…

I do stretch this as much as I can with veggies, also making a double batch is great for having quick meals on hand, it is great paired with a side salad and a glass of kefir (which everything is lately.)

1 pound ground meat
1 onion, shredded
1 bell pepper, finely diced
1 zucchini, grated
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons pizza seasoning
2 eggs
2 tablespoons coconut flour
2 teaspoons salt

Mix all ingredients thoroughly with hands and press onto a pizza or quarter sheet pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Remove from oven, spread with marinara sauce, spinach (I used purslane) and sprinkle with cheese.  Transfer the pan back to the oven and turn it on broil for a couple minutes to melt and lightly brown the cheese.
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  1. hahahahaha oh layne :) I LOVE it! When we do our next one, we will be sure to include a meatzza!

  2. We were able to get half of a pastured grass fed cow for about $2.20/lb (non organic, but not grain fed). Our neice (age 10) was taking care of it similar to a 4-H project. I don't know if they made money in the deal or not, but it might be worth it to hit up the 4-H crowd and make a deal with someone for the next season. Usually they purposefully grain feed the cow only the last few weeks to get the marbling effect in the meat if they have access to pasture.

  3. This looks yummy. How big of a pan do you use for this amount of meat? Oh...a quarter of a sheet pan? Does this feed your family or do you double it? It reminds me of Food Renegade's recent meatza post...I was wanting to try it when we can do cheese. By the way, Sprout's has their grassfed beef on sale this week for $3.99. I am going to get nice and stocked up!

  4. One batch feeds us once, but I like to make extra for a second meal. I was so happy to see that ad yesterday, I am running low. Only problem is that I am stocking my freezer with milk right now because the goats are being bred and will be dry in a couple months! Finding space this time of year is challenging.

  5. Sara, we got a 4H lamb from my cousin last year. Infect, we just finished it off this week. Great tip:)

  6. Kara, loving your updates. I've been looking at GAPS for awhile now and it terrifies me (and I'm pregnant, so it will have to wait anyway). Keep up the updates and I'd love to see what a day of eating looks like for you guys. You are incredibly brave to do this with three little ones.

  7. What is meant by "pizza seasoning?" Couldn't find anything like that in the seasoning and spices at the grocery store.

  8. Pizza seasoning is a kicked up Italian seasoning. It is just a blend of herbs and spices that will vary depending on the brand. I use Frontier.

  9. can almond flour be substituted for the coconut flour in this recipe?

  10. Also, could use just do cauliflower crust? with meat topping? Thanks for your info!!!

  11. Hi! What kind of cheese can you use? Not conventional right... Thanks!


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