Monday, January 9, 2012

GAPS Sandwiches

Sandwiches are not quite the same as they used to be, without the bread and all, but I improvise.  Left over pancakes and waffles made from almond butter/flour or coconut flour are excellent replacements for us.  Bacon, egg and cheese, tuna melts, BLT, egg salad, chicken salad, BBQ pork and sloppy joes, just a few tweaks and we can enjoy our old favorites.

I prefer to make a batch of bread specifically for sandwiches and leave out the sweetener.  Actually, I minimize the sweetener in most of these recipes because sweet breakfasts' do not appeal to me lately.

Here are a few “bread” recipes I have had success with;
Pancakes (My favorite, hold up well and excellent flavor)
Toasted Coconut Waffles (sub honey for agave and use half as much)


  1. Have you found a BBQ recipe you like? I've tried a couple but haven't been completely in love. Any luck w/ my squash pancake recipe? I don't make them very much anymore because they're so hard to flip/time consuming, even though they're tasty.

    1. To make flipping pancakes easier, I cut a piece of baking paper the size of my pan and flip the pancakes over by grabbing hold of the paper in two places and flipping the paper once the pancakes are cooked enough. This usually gets an easier result !!!

  2. This BBQ is good

    I have a hard time flipping most grain free pancakes too.

    I mostly use the Elana's Pantry recipe because they turn out round :)


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