Saturday, August 29, 2009


That's what I'm calling it. Not extreme like vegitarianism, but similar in principle. I make a conscious effort to generally center meals around whole grains/beans, vegetables and fruit. Good quality fish, eggs and dairy are all nourishing animal products that are often included. While the Lord gave us dominion over animals he also commanded that meat should be used sparingly and who knows how to nourish our bodies better than our own maker?

I took a trip back home to Iowa this month where hamburgers (grain fed beef) and sweet corn (GMO) is the meal of the season. We mixed it up a bit with a pork tenderloin or rotisserie chicken then ate fresh garden vegetables in between, but it sure was a lot of meat! And my body complained. Not good.

I make a conscious effort to avoid meat when possible, I use good quality meat in small amounts once a day or less. I am not fanatic, just conscious. Our society is so reliant on meat as a staple that it has become a disgusting industry all about producing the largest cow in the shortest amount of time. This is the kind of meat that adorns the dinner tables of most Americans and is best to be avoided when ever possible.

Be mindful on your journey not to compensate for lack of meat with more processed foods and soy replacements, this is a step in the wrong direction. TVP, tofu and soybean oil are all much, much worse than a juicy burger even though they are found in the health food section, health food they are not.

Check out my new link to the right to find recipes on my blog that are vegetarian-ish.


  1. Yeah! We love vegetarian-ish food. Once again, you've nailed it: )

  2. We've had so much fun getting creative with this concept at our house. And we found a new term to help us embrace our desire for increased health: "spare-atarian." I love it!

  3. ditto ditto ditto! melissa

  4. I'm a little embarrassed, because I'm sure this is a very basic question, but why is tofu bad? I don't eat it because I don't particularly like it, but I didn't know that it isn't healthful.

    Thank you!

  5. We've been trying to do this for a while. Your blog has great ideas. Thanks for sharing them.!


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