Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Cultured Teaser

   Probiotic smile.
Heal your gut by eating cultured foods.  Our food system is full of antibiotics, with huge amounts from factory farmed meat as well as overly used in treatment because so many immune systems fail.  Pasteurized products line the store shelves, while our environment is sterilized with antibacterial cleansers. These things kill beneficial bacteria that we need to digest and absorb nutrients from food.  Without the gut flora, our whole system is set back and we develop IBS, allergies, auto immune disorders and colon cancer. Consuming cultured foods and fermenting with them heals the digestive track so that it can function properly, this healing improves overall health drastically.

Babies love cultured dairy from the start.  If mine is having a hard time eating a meal, I mix some in a little bowl of kefir and he downs it.  Brik asks for kefir at least once a day.  It is simple to do once you’ve seen it done and work it into your routine.  By culturing your own you save money and control the ingredients.  Using less processed, high quality ingredients and yielding a fresh product that caters to your taste, you will reap the rewards our ancestors did when Western diseases were unheard of.

Come Friday for your own starter cultures.  I will teach you how to keep them going and how to use them.  Soaking, smoothies, snacks, breads and other things that will make you smile, probiotic-ly.


  1. I wish I lived closer! I would love to come to your classes. Do you have hand-outs available?

  2. I do have handouts for every class. Email me if you are interested in purchasing them.

  3. I would be interested in the handouts. I wish I lived closer too. This is a subject I really want to learn more about!

  4. Ah, I wish I could come to class as well. I need to figure this one out. It would be nice to just show up to a class and have it all handed to me! (At a well deserved price, of course!) And I would trust the information you gave me, too. But, I will figure it out! You are awesome girl! Keep on, keep on!


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