Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden Update

I have been having a blast eating from my garden this month. Last night I was giddy as I was preparing dinner and made a few trips outside for ingredients; tomatoes, green onion, peppers and cilantro. The tomatoes are just getting started as I did all my plants from seed this year. Layne loves tomatoes and picks them and eats them when they are still orange, so I have not had too many. Soon, there will be too many for his little belly and I will be in tomato heaven.

Summer squash is in full production right now. I have only 2 plants and get at least 1 a day. I have 4 more plants that are coming into maturity in the next couple weeks. I have been doing a lot of this and that to keep up with what I have.

My cucumbers were producing like crazy a couple weeks ago, then a hiccup caused production to halt. It happens every year a number of times, usually ends up killing everything...watering problems. I have it on a automatic timer, which appears to be to be the best way to water consistently. That is unless you have busy-fingered kids, a forgetful husband or construction workers that haven't a clue. Last week, some mysterious person messed with the watering system and the garden went through an approximate 2 day drought :( I lost some tomatoes and peppers that were setting, melon and squash that shriveled and overall made for weaker plants.

Most of my plants were affected by the aphids; crispy, spotted leaves. I think the green beans were hit the hardest, though they seem to be growing new green leaves as I pick off the crunchy brown ones. I took out all my carrots so that I could plant a new crop of beans.  They are about to blossom, so if the old ones don't start making more beans soon, they will be taken out to make room for some new lettuce. All my pathetic-half eaten lettuce has now bolted, which makes it bitter.

There is so much more to share, but we are nearing the end of nap time, so I must be mom at the moment.  Happy gardening to all.

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  1. I love my garden and so far our sweet peas are producing along with our green onions. I cannot wait for all the peppers, squash, and tomatoes to be nice and ready.

    Thanks to your blog I added millet to my tacos tonight. I felt so good that I was adding something healthy to the meat. I am trying to go meatless and I have a lot to learn in the meantime. Soon I will be trying your enchiladas and then your bean mixture for burritos. I cannot wait!

  2. I'm so jealous of your garden. Everything looks so fresh and delicious. It's my goal to someday have a great garden like yours, and I hope it happens soon!

  3. i love my parents garden! it`s always up dated with fresh vegetables


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