Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Cooking Bonus Lesson

After watching this video, I am convinced it is a genius idea. Clear and concise videos and print material to guide you through recipes and techniques in the comfort of your own home! What could be better? The Nourished Kitchen is starting an online cooking class June 1. This ecourse is all about how to cook real food including; soaking grains, sourdough breads, pickling and fermenting, homemade stocks, water kefir, cheese, salad dressing, menu planning and more.

My first grader is in a 2 week summer camp and needs to bring the requested "non-perishable" snack each day. There are not a lot of health options out there as real food spoils. I made these "lara bars" this morning using Jenny's simple instructions for my son to get some real sustenance each day at camp instead of a hand full of food-like substance. I found the print material very helpful to refer to not only the recipe from the video, but also a chart that gave me options to use different fruits and nuts in the recipe. You will also find all the hows and whys for soaking nuts and seeds along with some great worksheets for you to write up your own thoughts and recipes using her formula.

I love that my enrollment includes lifetime access to the materials so I can go back and refresh and not be pressured to get through it all by a certain time. Life is crazy and things come up, especially in the summertime. I am excited to start browsing this Tuesday and being inspired to do new things, or old things in a new way.

Take a look at the bonus lesson and see if it is something that might be for you too. If you enroll through any link on my site I will get credit for the sale, but I am only promoting the e-course because I truly feel it is valuable information that will help you navigate traditional cooking with real food in this fast food world.


  1. I contacted them directly but it said that it might take some time to respond back to my question. Maybe you know- can I still sign up for the course? It says that enrollment ended on MAy 31st. Thanks!

  2. I found that confusing too. I know of someone who signed up on June 2 without a problem. I would say if it gives you the option to check out, you should be good to go.

  3. You have the nourishing gourmet ad on the side bar and this one from Nourished kitchen- which one would you suggest?

  4. They are both very similar. Did you ever find out if you could still enroll for Nourished Kitchen?

    The two classes are both centered around real food and cover some fermenting, sourdough, cultured dairy and salad dressings. But they have just as many differences. Kitchen is doing kumbacha and menu planning, while Gourmet is doing seafood and fruit desserts.

    Either one would be excellent. I only changed the ad because Nourished Kitchen's enrollment ended on May 31 (supposedly). Nourishing Gourmet is currently enrolling.

  5. They did contact me back and said that she was still "quietly" taking enrollment. I think I will- I can- go for the Nourished Kitchen because I am really trying to get our family on less meat diet. Thanks!

  6. Good to know. I really enjoyed Nourished Kitchen's lesson last week on pilafs. Jenny does a really good job with all the class materials, I am sure you will love it.


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