Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Huevos Rancheros

When the stars align we enjoy this classic Mexican dish; breakfast lunch or dinner.  We eat a lot of Mexican food around here. Sometimes it is nice to mix it up, same great flavors but a completely different combo.  Typically this meal is all about leftovers, hense the stars align reference.  I use my flour or corn tortillas and green chili beans.  Sautee some hash browns, fry some eggs, yummo.

If you ever find yourself at Liberty Market during breakfast hours, they have a burrito variation of this that is excellent.

1+ tablespoon coconut oil
2 medium potatoes, grated or cut into matchsticks
1 pepper (sweet or hot) diced
1/2 onion, diced
1 cup pinto beans
4 eggs
1/4 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
salt and pepper
6 warm tortillas

Cook and brown potatoes in coconut oil in a fry pan over medium heat.  When mostly cooked, push to the side and sautee veggies.  After about 5 minutes add beans and salt and pepper to taste.  Cook and season eggs (we like over easy) in a separate fry pan.  Mash them and divide amongst the tortillas.  Sprinkle each taco with cheese and add a couple scoops of hash browns and top with the bean mixture.  Optional topping include sour cream (kefir cream), salsa and guacamole.
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  1. YUM! I'll have to try this. I've been wanting to make a breakfast type burrito lately and this looks really yummy. Do you have a recommendation for an effective tortilla press? Each time I've made them they stick really badly to the counter or wax paper and so they end up having to be thick and more like pita bread :(

  2. I have a Villa Ware press. I added the amazon ad to my post so you can view it, but the price shown is way more than you can find them for elsewhere. I think I got mine for around $60. It works great. I still like to hand roll my flour tortillas because I like them thin. This press does about Cafe Rio thickness.

  3. Hi, found your site at Simple Lives Thursday.. I am your new follower. I am interested with your recipes..they look all good to me. thanks.

  4. How do you hand roll them? Each time they have stuck so badly. Are you teaching a tortilla class any time soon? ;)

  5. Are you talking flour or corn? For flour tortillas, just use extra flour. Corn are sticky and I use the tortilla press and parchment paper.

  6. This is something my kids would love on a Saturday. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week.

  7. Hi from your newest follower on GFC from MBC. Wonderful Blog you have. When you get the time please check out my blog and return the follow.

    Thank You,

    Connie C

  8. Oh now that would be such a good breakfast, definitely trying :)

  9. Kara, how do you feel about refined coconut oil for cooking or baking? It's just cheaper!

  10. Yes! I use Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed for sauteeing and frying. It has no flavor, so is good for stuff that the coconut flavor doesn't go well with.

  11. Thanks! And I've been meaning to tell you, Rachelle (she came to your sourdough class, if you remember her?) and I had that "homemade probiotic and grains" class with our church group and I cannot tell you how GREAT it went. The president of our group told me it was the most well attended activity she's ever seen, with over 40 ladies there. We did kefir smoothies, water kefir, viili yogurt and gave samples of 6 grain recipes (I think 4 came from your blog). Other than we had waaaaaaay too much to cover with not enough time, everything else was awesome. There's like 30 ladies in my congregation that now make villi yogurt and kefir smoothies and I've heard all sorts of success stories with clearing up digestive problems and kids that LOVE it! The Sunday after the class, I tell you what, I felt like a celebrity. I was getting stopped left and right with thank you's and questions.

    Thanks for being so inspiring, it was so fun to pass it on! :)

  12. Yeah! What an awesome report. I love that you have people making homemade kefir and yogurt and seeing the benefits of probiotics. Keep it up!


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