Monday, March 21, 2011

Low Nitrogen

I had a great visit from my Mom and sister a few weeks ago.  Then I enjoyed my kids (and a bit too much racquetball) over spring break.  Now things are getting back to normal and I am tidying up my garden. Thought I would write some quick thoughts on the blog before I go out tomorrow to celebrate my birthday :)

I got my soil tested, and it was way low in nitrogen while everything else was great.  Plants need nutrients to thrive as much as we do, lack of fertilizer is a common problem in home garden's.  Slow growing plants, light green foliage, small fruit, lack of flowers, all point to botanical starvation. Since I already have my garden all planted out, I can't incorporate the dose of nitrogen that my garden needs all at once or I would kill many seedlings.  I applied a half dose of blood meal, a slow absorbing source of nitrogen, followed by fish emulsion, which has quick absorption but is very low dose so it doesn't burn. After our great day of rain today, all those nutrient could really get into the root zone and start to break down to become available to the plants!

In a couple weeks I will fertilize with all 13 essential plant nutrients to get my soil to optimal nutrient levels for a great summer growing season. I continue to do follow ups with fish emulsion every couple weeks.  Bring on the sunshine!!

What are your fertilizing routines?  Do you have a good way to keep your nitrogen up for the full growing season?


  1. I just got a composter to add my backyard scraps and chicken poop into. Hoping to have some good fertilizer in a few months...

  2. Don't forget kitchen scraps too; vegetables peelings, cores and egg shells are great for composting!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kara!!! Thanks for sharing such great information about so many things to help us be healthier!!!

  4. Where did you get your soil tested? I really, really need to have mine tested. My plants are not growing well at all!


  5. My neighbor did mine, but check with your local plant nursery They may do testing or have home testing kits.


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