Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honey Homes

Our pet bees moved in the second week of May, during out first heat wave.  They didn't take the trip well and the beekeepers informed us that likely only half of the queens will survive.  When they arrived one evening with their truck parked in front of our house, in their full bee suits, while carrying buzzing boxes with thousands of bees swarming around them into our backyard, there were a few not-so-pleasant looks from the neighbors.  I thought I would be fielding some tense calls that evening!  We did not have any problems, no complaints, no stings for the first month.  I was feeling quite comfortable with them.

A couple weeks ago the bee keepers came out to remove the feeder boxes and "agitated" one of the hives. One of the bee keepers got stung 10 times.  They told use to stay out of the backyard for the day and they should calm down.  Within an hour the next door neighbor was knocking on our door asking if we still had bees.  UGH!  They went out to swim in their pool and bees started diving into their heads.  No stings, thank goodness.  I contacted the bee keepers and it was good to know that they are willing to take the hives away immediately.

They have calmed down and have not been bothering anyone, but I have become fearful of their buzzing.  I've never been stung.  How bad is it, really?
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  1. really depends on if you are allergic. I'm not allergic to mosquito bites and for the most part I'm aware I have them, but that's about it where as others have bites that last a week.

    I have had a couple of bee / wasp stings, one was when I stepped right next to one with out shoes. Yes, they hurt, but it isn't THAT big of a deal... unless you are allergic in which case it can be fatal.

  2. I guess I will find out eventually. I do remember once brushing my neck and feeling a pinch sensation and seeing a bug fly away. I always thought a sting was worse than that, so I figured it to be a bite of another kind. If they leave their stinger in you, does that make a difference?

  3. Bee stings aren't the worst. If they leave the stinger in, it does deliver more poison. They don't sting unless they feel the need to defend the hive though because its a suicide mission.

    Wasps on the other hand are spiteful. my bites from them have resulted in my hand swelling like a cartoon glove.

  4. Woah, thats really cool that you have pet bees! I've only been stung once and I'd prefer it to stay at just once. It's not the most painful thing in the world...but it's still pretty painful and my sting kind of irritated my skin. As long as you're not allergic, it shouldn't be too terrible.

  5. Once upon a time I was sitting in a classroom in Alabama. Since the school did not have much money the classroom was a trailer out behind the original building. It was hot so the teacher left the door to the trailer open. There were quite a few bugs flying around and one flew right by my face. I swatted it, and it flew down my khaki overalls that I thought were so cool in 1998. Yes, folks. I had a bee down my overalls.

    I thought about what I should do. I could slowly take off my overalls and reveal my sunflower boxer shorts to the whole class (remember how cool sunflowers were?), or I could jump up and down to try and get it out. In an instant I decided not to get undressed in front of the hottest boy in school, and naturally when I jumped the bee stung me. Ouch!

    This is a long way of answering your question about how bad it is: If given the opportunity to get undressed in front of the entire class at age sixteen again or get stung, I would definitely chose the sting.

  6. Love this story! Great perspective;) And I had a pair of sunflower boxers too. And overalls that I wore Fresh Prince Style. HA!


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