Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saving Seeds

It was sure sweaty in the garden this week, but I got a lot accomplished.  Found some huge cucumbers that were hiding under fallen vines, those are fun surprises.  I pulled up a bunch of plant that were past their prime and was able to save lots of seeds.

My green beans had a few dried pods on every plant, I probably have a couple year’s worth.  Just cracked open each pod and picked out the beans.  Some of them were not completely dry, so I left them out to do so before storing them.  Also, the cilantro and parsley had gone to seed a while back, but they were finally starting to dry out.  When they dry out, they are so much easier to collect.

I have had quite a bit success with saving seeds and it is a great habit for saving money.  You want to be sure that the vegetable is not a hybrid, because those don’t breed true and you will get a variety of inferior crops from them.  You also want to store in paper envelopes, seeds will mold in plastic.  Those are my two simple rules for saving seeds.  Do you have any tips or tricks?
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  1. How neat! I'd love to try this soon!

  2. I did this with our heirloom corn once---- I just forgot to do it soon enough to get enough! ;-)

  3. Thanks for bringing it up.
    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.
    non gmo seeds


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