Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Herbal Ideas

This Thursday is my new class Fresh Herbs; Storing, drying, using.  My friend, Cindy, was my inspiration for this class.  She has an awesome blog and is a wealth of knowledge as she has been studying aromatherapy for a couple years.  I love that these medicines are culinary friendly.  They add great flavor that is so fresh and appealing and are simple to grow and use.

Herbs are expensive to buy in the store and do not last too long in the fridge (partly because they were at the store and in transport for too long.)  It really makes sense to grow them yourself as all they need is dirt, water and sun.  They are continuous harvest plants meaning you use what you need and it grows more. I do not fertilize my herbs, just grow them in native Arizona rocky, clay soil.  Most herbs are essentially weeds; they re-seed themselves and take over and entire area if you let them. They can be tricky to grow from seed, so buy starts to improve your chances of success. I challenge you to find a big pot, or a small plot of dirt to plant at least 5 different herbs in.

When I sat down last week to brainstorm ideas on how I use my herbs, I realized how often I use them even though they are usually optional in recipes.  Most of the time I just throw in what I have on hand and it is a different mix every time.
  • Salads are perfect for herbs and salad dressing is even more perfect.
  • I pretty much drown my pasta in herbs. Every. Time.
  • Herbs and vegetables are a natural pair.
  • You can't make delicious pesto without fresh herbs, or bruschetta or salsa
  • Place fresh herbs on your sandwich or throw in a marinade
  • Flavor oils and vinegars
  • Make refreshing beverages like cucumber mint or basil lemonade
  • Knead into breads for gourmet loaves
  • Soup, rice and bean dishes
  • Whip into butter, yogurt or mayonnaise for a special treat

If you are in the area, be sure to register for my Fresh Herbs class tomorrow evening at 7:30 pm.
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  1. 7:30...hum...if Em's play gets over by then I will sooo be there! Thanks for mentioning me : )

  2. Thanks for the yummy ideas! I get lots of herbs every year from my CSA farm share, and I've found that if I keep them in an OPEN plastic bag in the top shelf of the fridge, they will slowly dry without getting moldy so that eventually I can crumble the leaves into a jar for long-term storage.

    Here is my favorite recipe using whatever herbs are on hand.

  3. Great tip, I have never tried that,


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