Friday, January 7, 2011

Water Kefir Grain Winners and Offer

Thank you for all those who entered my water kefir grain giveaway. I enjoyed the feedback through your comments and hit 200 followers this week.  It is rewarding to feel the support system that has built through doing this blog as we learn from each other. 

You may have noticed, I have added Amazon ads to my page.  This is two fold; for many, it is helpful to have a picture, know where or for how much an unfamiliar tool or ingredient is sold. Amazon is not always the best deal, but for the most part their prices are competitive and it is a simple way to list an item on my blog.  The other reason is to earn a bit of cash while keeping up this blog.  I am not asking for anyone to order a product from Amazon for my benefit.  I do kindly ask that if you ARE going to order something, no matter if it is related to my site or not, if you simple enter the Amazon site through my site, I can get credit for your purchases and your price is the same. 

Now for the winners from;
#28 Alisha and Josh
#13 Melissa's Life

Congratulations, please contact me with your mailing address at by Monday, January 10 to claim your prize.

For all others, I will be sending 2 teaspoons water kefir grains along with rehydrating instructions to anywhere in the U.S. for the introductory price of $7 while supplies last.  Cash, check or paypal.

I will be putting together some tips and recipe variations I have come up with here in the future.  Thanks again and happy kefir-ing.


  1. I have never used kefir but am interested in getting started with milk kefir. Any suggestions for how to get some milk kefir grains locally?

  2. I sell dairy kefir also, mostly through my classes. $5 at class, $8 without. Contact me at to set something up.


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