Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get Cultured

Last summer there was a 3 week period when the cucumbers peaked and I was harvesting them by the dozen.  We eat a lot of cucumbers on a daily basis, just ask The Backyard Farmer! When we had more than what we could eat, I tried to naturally pickle them.  I’m not sure if I did everything right in the process though.  They tasted okay and I ate them, but they were not delicious.  My kids didn't like them and since I didn’t know if they were properly done, didn’t force it for fear they would make them sick.

I would love to be more confident at lacto fermenting foods.  I started yogurt 7 years ago, dairy kefir 4 years ago and water kefir 6 months ago.  It is time to really dive in and quicken my pace!  When I got this email from Real Food Media about Nourished Kitchen’s new ecourse, I was giddy.  This is Nourished Kitchen’s author, Jenny’s, third ecourse.  I speak from experience when I say, she does the best job!

I love doing simple classes to get people in my area started on their journey to real food and traditional preparations. Jenny is able to reach the world with her technology skills and she covers each topic all the way through with video’s and print material.  She uses principles taught in Nourishing Traditions and keeps things simple with plenty of room for your own variation.

Take a look at this promotional video;

Go here for more details and to register.  If you know you want to get in on this class, don’t delay.  Coupon code “SOURPICKLES”  is good for $20 off and expires February, 19.

Enter to win this ecourse free from these real food sites:
Kitchen Stewardship
Kelly the Kitchen Kop


  1. I went to sign up, but now I'm curious. If it's an online cooking class, why do they charge shipping?

  2. I didn't get any charge for shipping. How much was it? You can contact Jenny. She is very good at responding to concerns. http://nourishedkitchen.com/about-the-nourished-kitchen/contact-me/

  3. I haven't tried to pickle cucumbers yet, but I did make some hot pickeled green beans and they turned out amazing! We have been eating them for months and I'm down to 1 jar left and I don't want anyone to open it because I'm not sure when they come back in season! (and my daughter has eaten an entire jar in one sitting on a couple of occasions and didn't get sick so I'm pretty sure they're safe!)

  4. Katie, can I get your recipe? Are they pickled in vinegar, or fermented? I bought some at the farmer's market and they were delicious, but were not fermented, which means no gut friendly bacteria :( Green beans will be coming back at the beginning of April!


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