Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've Sprouted

Sprouting was on my list of “to do’s” for many years before I actually dove in.  Like any other new technique, once you go through the process yourself, it becomes a lot less complicated.  I did have my share of bumps, I thought I would share here incase you are facing any of them at the present.

1) My seeds fall through the sprout trays.  I bought a sprouting kit off of Amazon when I first got started.  The seeds in the kit were too small for the sprouting trays.  I thought I had to be doing something wrong…why in the world would they package these seeds with this tray?  I put aside the tray and started using mason jars with mesh screens.  Problem solved.

2) The sprouts get stinky after only a day or two with regular rinsing.  I only had this problem with one packet in my starter kit.  My guess is that it was the type of seed I was sprouting.  I have since bought many other seeds and have never had this problem again.

3) I would completely forget about the jar of sprouts I had going in the cupboard and would find them days later with mold.  I started keeping all my sprouted items in the sink or right beside the sink so I can’t forget.

I made it through the bumps and came out on top!  Now sprouting is a breeze and hardly takes any thought…rinse, drain, repeat.

My favorite sprouting application is for flour.  Check out my post here and many recipes.  My friend, The Enlightened Homemaker, also has some great tips that she posted recently and don't forget tomorrow night's Sprouting 101 class.
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  1. I love sprouting too- though I had my first "bump" this week when I let them stay in their mason jar too long. They pretty much got stuck and were impossible to get out, ha!
    Love your blog ;)

  2. Well done! I need to get some of those broccoli seeds. I haven't done that yet. Glad the mason jar method worked well on those. I will start my venture! Thanks for mentioning me!

  3. I have found that they get less tangled when I lay my jars on their side while they sprout. And keep up on rinsing, of coarse :)

  4. So far, I've only used an Easy Sprout sprouter, but it's worked great! My favorites are sprouted lentils, which taste the same cooked, but taste just like hull peas when raw. Only, you don't have to peel them first like you would hull peas. :-)

  5. I like to tip my jars into a shallow bowl which keeps them at a 45 degree angle to let the water drip out. And I use nylons as the screen - I just cut them and stretch them over the jar.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and tips with the hearth and soul hop this week...very helpful! =)


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