Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buzzing in the Garden

This is the time of year that nothing can keep me out of the garden.  I put off doing so many things in the house just to go out and do some pruning, weeding, planting, transplanting, watering and fertilizing.  I am really getting behind, I need to have some discipline!

Right now the whole backyard is buzzing with bees.  They are everywhere, but especially love the blackberry bushes.  I am typically pretty relaxed about the constant hum in my ears.  Next month we will receive 2 bee packages that will be placed in vertical box "Warre" hives and have our own colonies pollinating our garden.  Which means we will have over 100,000 bees working on some delicious backyard honey!  I really hope they are as friendly as all the bee's currently buzzing around my garden because I like the fact that I have never been stung.

Good work, little guys.  You have given us a lot of berries to look forward to.
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  1. Found you through Simple Lives Thursdays. Just love this post and the beautiful photos, esp the adorable shot of the bee! What a blessing that you will be able to have your own fresh honey soon! Looking forward to further checking out your blog. Blessings, kel

  2. Your berries are that big already!? My blackberry vines barely have leaves! You must live south of me... :-) Loved the pics, especially of the bee - what a shot!

  3. I LOVE your Blog, it has very helpful for me in learning how to be a better homemaker! I was wondering if you knew of a good honey powder that is healty and fun to eat. I appreciate your wonderful posts!

  4. Thank you for the photo compliments, very sweet. In Arizona, we enjoy an early spring. During summer all the plants put their efforts into staying alive and do not have anything left to produce fruit.

    Shillene, I have not used honey powder, but have see that amazon carries it

    Ready and Well carries a great raw honey

  5. Thanks for sharing. Very nice photos. I can't wait for black berries this summer in Washington state. Such a great time of year!

    I am visiting from TILT. I hope you have a blessed week!

    Long Wait For Isabella

  6. What kind of blackberries do you have in? I'm also in Mesa and we want to plant blackberries. Also, we've thought about getting bees, but I'm a little concerned about neighbors. We have only about a quarter acre, but our house is not very big. Do you think that would be enough for bees? Thanks.

  7. Thorny ones that grow really, really well here. You will curse them all year until they break out in flowers and produce you gobs of berries. You will forgive them completely until you need to trim them back. OUCH!

    Bees fly miles for food, so they aren't going to all be hanging around in your immediate area. Actually most of them stay in the hive all the time. I live in the city on 1/12 of an my opinion, you have plenty of room.

  8. I really don't know the exact variety of my blackberries, I got them from my mother in-law's plants.


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