Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chia Sale

In a perfect world, this good deal would have been right in my recent post for Chia Pudding, which also suggested other uses for the super food.  Still, I couldn't let this deal go unposted here, what kind of friend would I be?

Save 10% on Amazon with the code "NUTICHIA." Plus an additional 15% off when you use the subscribe and save.  Here is what you end up getting; 14 ounce 2 packs for $11.53.  3 pound bag for $19.15 and 10 pound bag for $45.00 (that's what I bought).  Free shipping if you spend $25.00 or more. These all end up being more than $1.00 per pound cheaper than Azure, which is my regular best price.
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  1. Do you just sprout your chia seed? How else can you use it?

  2. Check out my link for Chia Pudding, I included more ideas in that post.

  3. so, i just bought some chia seed! After reading this, i wanted to get some!! I bought the brand spectrum it was one sale for $5.99. I cant wait to put this in my diet..thank you so much for posting all of this wonderful stuff! ps, i am now also buying hemp milk. i read in the vegetarian mag. that it has a ton of benefits..esp for people with diabetes, heart issues, immunity issues..this will be perfect for my mom!
    anyways..hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. great price. Hemp seed is awesome, it goes rancid easily though, so be careful because the health benefits are mitigated and you start causing problems with oxidized fats.


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