Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vertical Growing

 All pumped for my next class!  One of the things that saved me in my efforts to garden was vertical growing.  Living on a city lot, I do not have a lot of space to grow all the many desires of my heart.  Also, my neighborhood is established, so we have big trees that are great for electricity but really limit growing space.  I am so limited in my yard that I have exactly one area that gardening is even possible and wouldn't you know it gets shade from our neighbors huge palo verde tree from 1pm on?

Contrary to Arizonian belief, vegetable plants produce best when given full sun all-day-long, NOT afternoon shade.  20% shade cloth directly above your plants helps when growing through July and August, but morning AND afternoon sun is so, so important.

I learned these vertical growing methods from Jim Kennard, President of the Food For Everyone Foundation at a garden seminar I attended a couple years ago.  It has changed my gardening methods drastically for the better.  This picture up top shows the perfect set up, however it is not my own.  I have had to cut some corners because of time, money and skill level. The picture below is of my own garden last June, with my son and his fresh picked tomato that he stuffed with something, it was his own recipe.

I am offering 2 classes on vertical growing that will also include the important skill of pruning. By using these methods in your own garden, you are sure to increase yields and success in your garden.  Contact me at to register.


  1. I get so jealous when I see all these wonderful classes that you offer and I live so far away. It would be so awesome if you could video tape some of you classes and the offered them online. I would totally do join.

  2. Oh my heavens....your garden is beautiful. forget the perfectly lined rows and all those lovely vertical growing contraptions! How is there not one single weed? That is lovely.

  3. Kara that is so awesome.
    i wish i could grow a garden all year long.
    how amazing.
    lucky lucky!!


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