Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Slaw

Preschool field trip today, I am good and worn out!  It was my first time to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.  It was an awesome place to chase the kids around.  I’ll admit there was a bit of racing heart hide and seek.  Really, my little 5 year old is the greatest kid living, we enjoyed our day out together not to mention the rockin’ picnic lunch.

Yesterday I was thinking about a good way to use up the rest of the napa cabbage in the fridge. It was already shredded from when we had fish tacos earlier in the week. Yum.  The Backyard Farmer had just dropped a nice bag of pablano peppers and my favorite kinnows; honey mandarin oranges.  The green onions in the garden that are about to flower, I estimate 1 large garden green onion equals at least 4 green onions.   With that, I decided to throw together my own slaw and it was GOOD! Please share? Oh, you know I will.

1 head cabbage, sliced thin
4 green onions, sliced thin
1 pepper, chopped
3 fresh mandarin oranges, sectioned and halved
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons maple syrup
2 teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon pepper

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and refrigerate at least 2 hour before serving. It will look dry, like it doesn’t have enough dressing, but the salt will break down the cabbage in time and it will release plenty of liquid.


  1. Ooooh, I've got half a cabbage I need to use up. I'm definitely trying your recipe. I never thought about putting oranges in a slaw. Yum!

  2. Did you use 4 of your garden onions or 1? I am trying to figure out how many onions to put in...I am making it today :) ~Afton

  3. I used 1 large garden onion about to flower, which I listed in the recipe as 4 typical green onions.

  4. Looks Yummy! I’d love it if you visited my website and became a follower. I always follow back!

  5. Kara,

    Thanks for the recipe. I had three chayote squash and two baby heads of red cabbage that I picked up from Desert Roots last week at the Gilbert Farmer's Market. It was raining and the market was slow and so I thought I would give a new slaw recipe a whirl.

    My approach was similar to yours with a couple of exceptions...

    Instead of using maple syrup, I used some of my habanero flavored cane sugar. A little bit of heat to go with the sweetness.

    Instead of plain old salt (I hope you aren't still using table or kosher salt with all that yummy garden goodness you have going on...if you are, come see me at my booth at the Gilbert Farmer's Market...) I used a Himalayan Ginger Aromatic Salt. I didn't put it in the slaw sauce, I used it to salt the Napa & red cabbage after blending the thinly sliced chayote.

    I also opted for a seasame oil & sour cream gave a bit of an asian twist...

    I look forward to seeing how your garden progresses through the summer..maybe we'll see you at the market some time. If so, stop by and introduce yourself!

    Best regards,

    go lb. salt

  6. Thanks Aaron. That salt sounds spectacular and the sugar! I use Redmonds Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt typically, but I will look for you at the Gilbert Market. I have been wanting to make it out there.

  7. I love that this isn't sweet--the oranges do that, and the rest is savory. We really liked it, and I'm not usually a "slaw" person. My hubs liked it with some jalapeno as well.


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