Thursday, January 29, 2009

Health is More Than Just Food

My main focus here is nutrition, but enjoying good health has more to it than just food. Exercise is so important to maintain health, strength and avoid injuries that can lead to surgery, pain medicines and less exercise. Another side of enjoying good health is avoiding chemicals. Chemicals leach into food from poorly processed plastics, some metals and synthetic non stick coatings on pot and pans.

Chemicals also abound in cleaners from Windex to laundry detergent, bleach to hand soap. How many of you have started to feel nauseous, dizzy or a headache while breathing in fumes while cleaning? These fumes seep through their containers and contaminate the air in our homes. Think you are protecting your child from icky germs by wiping down his highchair with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes? Think again.

Next to cleaners, I am disgusted with the way doctors are trained to use chemicals disguised as medicine to treat every ailment known to man. There are so many natural remedies that are effective without the negative short term and long term side effects. The Enlightened Homemaker is an amazing blog that is dedicated to health as a whole. It’s author, Shari has such passions along the same lines as me. She is an advocate for everything good for you and shares tips, ideas and recipes that she has picked up through the years of raising her family.

While I am going to continue to focus on nutrition, I reserve the right to rant on anything in the nature of health.


  1. Thanks Maam! I share the same feelings about you and your blog! I was practically raised as a Bagley - Jason was one of my best friends. Great Family and those boys all married great women. Must be because of their great Mom!

  2. I'm throwing out a request for a post someday (or just a great site you know of?) on natural/safe pest control? I live out where we get tons of crickets, cockroaches, scorpions, etc. I wouldn't mind the crickets that much, but everyone says they are what brings the snakes! And I do mind that. Why is it always easier to choose the toxic answer??? :)

  3. I just ran across this post today:

    I will let you know if I hear of anything. I use peppermint oil (5 drops on a cotton ball to deter rodents from my garden.


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