Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the Season Thereof

It’s no secret I love fresh produce. I will stand at a grocery display of green beans picking out the best of the pile one by one. I don’t buy something just because it is on my list. Here is some of my criteria:

1. smells good
2. firm, no bruising
3. heavy for size
4. good color, no browning
5. crisp, not wilted or wrinkled

I make a grocery list and go shopping with a few meal ideas in mind, but I do not hold myself to them. I roam the produce section and build new meal ideas on what is looking particularly pleasing. Good news is these beauties are most often the items on sale and on display with loads to choose from.

Have you ever noticed when you grow your own produce how long it lasts before it goes bad? A far cry from supermarket specimens that sometimes only have a few days left. I love watching my garden grow and enjoying the crop. Though it is not cost efficient, hard work and time consuming, it is also very gratifying to the deepest part of my soul. This time of year we love to enjoy the abundance of citrus and pecans that fall from Jarom’s grandparent’s trees. My body seems to crave them everyday. Yesterday we planted our own wee little orange tree. We also have a peach tree growing in my garden that grew from a peach pit that got mixed in the compost. So we are looking forward to 10 years from now : )For now I will get the soil ready to plant, pick oranges and pecans at grandpas and leave the watermelon to rot at the store…for now.

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  1. I have lettuce growing in my garden right now that I am loving. I can't wait to have my spring garden in full production again!


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