Sunday, January 4, 2009

Real Food for Real People

I am strict on one thing; No fake foods. This would be the super processed variety with additives, preservatives and chemicals up the wazoo i.e. cans of cream of (fill in the blank) soup, boxed mixes, Velveeta cheese, Crisco, margarine and of coarse all the packaged snack foods that mothers of young children drown their shopping carts in. Let’s face it, these ingredients are called for in a lot of recipes that are quick and easy to make and taste good. This is why I put forth the effort to find replacements for these common fake foods. They may not have less calories, but these real food alternatives will guarantee better health. Even indulgent treats like brownies are worth baking with real food ingredients over a boxed mix.


  1. I'm with you on that! Do you have any good recipes for my new Wok? Recipes for for healthy sauces? Most of the store bought Terakyi sauces have high fructose syrup in them.

  2. Beside the salt, what is wrong with cream of ____ soup? I don't use it much but every once in awhile I do.

  3. The main thing about these canned soups is the low quality vegetable oil that abounds (which is the same with most store bought salad dressings.) They also have additives like monosodium glutamate and soy protein concentrate, not exactly part of the food pyramid. I am not a fan of canned milk either.

  4. Cindy, I will be posting a deer stir fry recipe that could easily be made with chicken or beef.

  5. LOVE everything you said about all the additives. I am so loving this blog & can't wait to try all the recipes!!

    YEAH Kara for doing this. :)


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