Friday, January 30, 2009

Hearty Fiesta Chili

I was at Sprouts the other day and walked by the meat section, just browsing, longing for some organic grass fed beef. When there is was, Sommers Organic Grass Fed discounted to 2.99 per lb. Manager’s Special (I’m sure the sell by date only being a day away had something to do with it). So I came right home to make the manliest man soup (Second only to beef stew). Seriously, there are not many soups that my husband will consider a full meal. This soup is so hearty and filling. I use anasazi beans because I like the texture and they are less gassy. You can use what ever beans you have on hand. Also might I suggest Muir Glen tomatoes, they are the best canned tomatoes out there, look for them on sale for they can be spendy. My favorite chili powder is made by Frontier Seasonings, it is called “fiesta chili powder” (sounds great, right?) I had tons of peppers on hand this week (Remember 6 for $1?) so I used (lots of) fresh peppers instead of the canned chilies, but I am leaving the recipe as my original because it makes this a great pantry recipe for when my fridge is slim pickin’s. The vinegar is to brighten the tomato flavor, they loose some of their acidity sitting in a can which leads them to tasting tin-y. Oh yeah, and the Kamut can be substituted for the grain of your choice (rice, spelt, wheat, barley) or leave it out. I like my chili served with grated cheese and a big piece of cornbread. Although it has never won our Ward's Chili Cook Off that is held every Halloween, I think it is award worthy. At any rate, I'm sure glad the cold weather is back so that I can enjoy some more soup! BTW my mom won a chili cook off so I have potential.

2 cups anasazi beans
1 cup Kamut
6 cups beef stock
1 lb. ground beef
1 onion, chopped
8 oz. green chilies, diced (canned or fresh)
2 tablespoons. Worcestershire sauce
3 cups crushed tomatoes
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 cup frozen corn
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Pressure beans, kamut and stock on high pressure for 30 minutes or simmer for 2 hours. Brown beef, add onions, chilies, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar. Quick release pressure on beans. Add beef mixture, tomatoes and chili powder. Pressure again on high for 10 minutes, natural release. Add corn and salt to taste. Stir in vinegar and if you like a more brothy chili add water.

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  1. yum! im going to try this. i just bought some beef in bulk and need something to do with it. jason hates ground beef, but im sure he will like this soup. too bad i dont have your fancy tomatoes or fiesta chili powder.


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