Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vita Mix Banana Ice Cream

I have an extreme obsession with Real vanilla. Well, it is from Mexico, so who knows how real it really is. You know it's an obsession when you rub it under your nose just so that you can smell it all day (not that I have done that...much). There is the super cheap kind of Mexican vanilla that Americana's buy for all their neighbors and friends back at home. It says real on the bottle, but it tastes fake to me. I like the expensive stuff, 69.00 Pesos which is twice as much for about 1/4 of the amount! I know all this because of my long time obsession. I first discovered it at my mom's house and begged her to take it home (I really only asked, but would have begged if she resisted). I savored it, it was a small bottle. Once it was bone dry I saved the bottle in hopes of finding it again one day. So, when Mom was planning a trip to Mexico again I went over all the details with her; red lid, glass bottle, little picture of a man wearing a sombrero, dark brown, not clear (I did not know about the price difference at this time. Well that amazing mother of mine came across no such bottle, but in all her wisdom found the most expensive bottle that the country sold and brought it back for me. Hallelujah! My stock has been replenished and is only used in dire circumstances like ice cream. I believe the vanilla makes this ice cream special (and the vanilla creme wafer stick, thanks Becky).

2 bananas
1 egg
½ cup agave
¼ tsp salt
1 cup whole milk, frozen into cubes
1 cup cream, frozen into cubes
½ teaspoon vanilla

Place all ingredients in Vita Mix. Blend on HIGH use tamper to push cubes into blades.


  1. Kara,

    I am so excited you have started this blog. Even though I can't use a lot of the recipes exactly because of my celiac disease, I can sure adapt them. I love your cooking and your take on fake foods. I am trying to incorporate real foods into our diet more and more. We'll keep watching for more recipes!


  2. I love vanilla extract too! But you can totally make it yourself! Check this out : http://www.veggie-wedgie.com/?p=748


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